故事24 | Living harmoniously with nature in Beijing

我在中国的家 2022
故事24 | Living harmoniously with nature in Beijing




I live in a small village north of the Beijing airport. I’ve been more Asia-based since 2009, I have lived everywhere from Cambodia, Indonesia, and I initially came to China to travel. I came directly to Beijing and traveled everywhere: Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, just everywhere. Later my work took me to program development, which is why I was living in different places. Around 5 years ago we started sailing and even helped MIT to collect samples from the boat. We’ve sailed from the Caribbean to the Galapagos, through French Polynesia. Our last journey left our boat in Indonesia. When covid started and the borders were closed, I ended up staying in China, because it felt a little more secure and then in the process I started Kiyani, because I needed something active to do and this is something I’ve always wanted to do. KIYANI is an innovative brand that has reimagined body care products to be more sustainable.

我住在北京机场以北的一个小村庄。2009 年开始,我主要居住在亚洲各国,柬埔寨、印度尼西亚,我都住过。我最初来中国是为了旅游,当时我直接来到北京,四处游走。内蒙古、江苏、广州,哪儿都玩过。后来我从事项目开发工作,需要到许多地方出差并居住一阵子。大约 5 年前,我们开始航海,甚至帮助麻省理工学院从船上收集样本。我们从加勒比海航行到厄瓜多尔的加拉帕戈斯群岛,穿越法属波利尼西亚。最后一次航海结束时,我们的船留在了印度尼西亚。疫情爆发,国境封锁,我最终选择留在中国,因为中国能给予我更多安全感。在这期间,我创立了 KIYANI 品牌,因为当时我想做一些积极的事情,创立 KIYANI 也是我一直想做的事情。KIYANI 是一个创新品牌,它重新定义了身体护理产品,使之更具可持续性。

I’m Native American from the Navajo tribe and growing up Native American, we were taught that the importance of life is to live harmoniously with the environment. This means respecting nature, respecting animals, respecting water and being grateful for all the resources that are given to me. So I wanted to create a brand that followed this ideology. Because of the cultural significance of growing up Native American is important to me, it was important to identify the brand as being Native American and Kiyani is short iteration of my clan, which is Kinyaa’áanii/Kiyaa’áanii.

我是美国原住民(印第安人),来自纳瓦霍部落。印第安人成长过程中,我们懂得生命的意义在于与环境和谐共处。这意味着要尊重自然,尊重动物,尊重水资源,感谢上帝赐予我们的一切。遵循这一思想,我创立了 KIYANI。因为印第安文化对我影响深远,所以我想以印第安文化来定义我的品牌,KIYANI 是我的部族的简称,全称是 Kinyaa’áanii/Kiyaa’áanii。

What I’ve learned in China is how to operate a business more locally, because I’ve been doing supply chain development, so you get different prices and I know how to operate in terms of efficiency and doing things more local now.


The positive thing about China is the working culture here, I found that people in China are very hardworking, they’ve come above and beyond what their titles should be. And that’s one of the things that keeps me here. Another thing that I love about China is understanding the botanical world, because there’s still so much love and use for TCM. Our shampoo is actually TCM based. I have one customer that said that after she gave birth, she started loosing lots of hair and dermatologists and doctors weren’t able to fix her hair loss problems. She started to use our shampoo, which is based on TCM knowledge and her hair started growing back! Our soap foundation is actually soap berries, which is a Chinese native plant that naturally produces soap. 

中国的优秀之处在于工作文化,我发现中国人非常勤奋,他们的能力已经超越了本职水平,这也是我留在中国的原因之一。我喜欢中国的另一个原因就是,中国对植物有着深刻的了解,仍然有许多人热爱中药,使用中药。我们的洗发水实际上是以中草药为原料的。一位顾客生完孩子后,开始严重脱发,皮肤科医生都无法治疗。她开始使用我们的中草药洗发水,头发又重获新生!我们制作香皂的原料是肥皂果,这是一种中国本土植物,可以生产天然香皂。Miranda, Kiyani’s product designer and chief soap maker, comes originally from Arizona, the US. She has created eco-friendly home and body products brand Kiyani Botanics, creating products that are zero waste, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable, low carbon, made from natural ingredients, and have no single-use plastics.

Miranda 是 KIYANI 的产品设计师和首席香皂制作者,来自美国亚利桑那州。她创立了环保家庭身体护理品牌 Kiyani Botanics,创造了零废物、无毒、纯植物、可生物降解、低碳、天然的非一次性塑料产品。



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