故事17 | Sheraz: Memories from Pakistan

我在中国的家 2022
故事17 | Sheraz: Memories from Pakistan

作者:Sheraz Anwar

翻译:潘泽彬、James Lin

                                                      Study in Xiamen University
From 2013 to 2019, I obtained my Master’s degree and Ph.D. in China. I made many Chinese friends, and we were always learning from each other and supporting each other. China gave me an amazing learning environment. I started learning Chinese after I came to China. Everyone offered me many suggestions, which helped me to improve my Chinese. Harbin Engineering University and Xiamen University also provided me with an excellent learning environment, and my teachers believed in me, which gave me great confidence and helped me a lot in my studies.

Life in Harbin


                                              Learning from the experts in Harbin.
Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan. When I saw the news, I thought I might write a story looking back on my time in China. For me, living in China for a few years was very interesting. The picture above was taken at Harbin Engineering University. During my time there, we participated in various cultural activities to strengthen China and Pakistan’s friendship. On the last day of the activities, the school presented us with a prize. I am very grateful to my teachers for making the effort to learn about our cultures, and for giving students an opportunity to introduce the unique customs of their nation. We also had the teachers and our classmates try some classic Pakistani dishes. I was only at HEU for three years, but it had a great impact on me. I hope that our two countries’ friendship will become stronger and we will have more opportunities to communicate with each other. I’d like to thank my teachers at HEU for their trust in my ability and their appreciation of my Chinese proficiency!

Life in Xiamen


Stduy in ISTART
                                                                    Stduy in iSTART
This photo was taken when I first started at Xiamen University at the iSTART Outdoor Activity for New International Students. The event was a gift from XMU to new students, and it gave us the opportunity to make new friends. Xiamen University is a famous and beautiful school in China. I feel very lucky that i got my Master’s degree in the snow-covered city of Harbin and afterwards directly enter Xiamen University on this beautiful sunny island city. I am grateful to the Chinese government for giving me two scholarships. In addition, I received other scholarships by publishing papers at XMU. I have a deep appreciation of China and I have made many Chinese friends, so I hope to return to China soon.
The pictures above were taken when I participated in a charity concert, a cultural exchange activity between China and Pakistan at Kulangsu Community College, and the Xiamen Cultural Industries Fair. I am grateful to my Chinese friends who always invited me to participate in various exciting activities. I will miss my days in Xiamen.

Photo taken from the Xiamen University Siming campus, with the iconic towers in the background.
In the midst of this pandemic, I would like to thank our university, our college, and our teachers, and I would especially like to thank China. We have known since childhood that China is a friend to Pakistan, and personally I have always seen China as our best friend. Whenever we run into trouble, China and Pakistan help and understand each other. The pandemic has changed our lives a lot, but our friendship will never change. This is true friendship. Our college and university protected our lives and health, giving us a sense of security. I really appreciate their efforts. The pandemic has dramatically influenced our life and studies, but it will eventually pass. Quarantine presents humanity with an opportunity to reflect on its mistakes. We can recover lost wealth, but not lost lives. The pandemic offers us a good chance to examine human behavior and realize that we must take action and help each other to pull through this difficult time together, and that we must work together to protect the world.
疫情期间,我要感谢我们的大学,我们的学院和老师们,还要特别感谢中国。我们从小就知道中国跟巴基斯坦友好。我本人一直认为中国是我们最好的朋友。一出现任何困难,我们两个国家总是互相帮助和理解。虽然疫情改变了我们的生活很多方面,但我们两个国家的友谊并没有因此而改变。这才是真正的友谊。我们的学院和学校,保护了我们的生命健康,给予了我们安全感。我真的很感谢他们为此做出的努力。虽然我们的生活和学习受到了很大的影响,但疫情终将会结束。我们可以趁着隔离期间,好好思考我们人类错误。钱没了可以再赚回来,身体没了再不会康复。这段时间给了我们一个很好的机会,我们更加关注人类的行为,意识到要行动起来,同舟共济,共度难关, 团结起来共同保护这个世界。
However, I am lucky. I have been accompanying my family in Pakistan during the pandemic, and in the meantime I completed my PhD. I have to thank my teachers, college, and most importantly, the Chinese government for the scholarships it provided to me.
I am from Pakistan, a country in South Asia. I currently live in northern Pakistan. Pakistan has five provinces and many ethnic groups. The majority of the population where I live is Pashtun, but I am a member of the Baloch ethnic group. Because there are many ethnic groups, there are many unique customs and delicacies.