故事22 | Can I be like you in three months?

我在中国的家 2022
故事22 | Can I be like you in three months?

作者:Mbuga Moses



​Hi! My name is Mbuga Moses, although in China everyone calls me Moxi 莫西. I come from Kampala, Uganda, and when I was a teenager in high school, I had a P.E. teacher who was fond of body building and training. One day, I escorted him to the gym and was extremely inspired by the photos of all those athletes hanging on the walls. As a result, I got interested in this discipline myself. Around the age of 19, Mr. Kasasa started mentoring me. This gentleman was crowned Mr. Africa in Miami back in the 1978! He is truly my inspiration and was a key pillar to my development as a fitness professional.

大家好!我叫 Mbuga Moses,在中国大家都叫我莫西,来自乌干达坎帕拉。我的高中体育老师很喜欢健身,一次我和他去健身房,看到墙上挂着健身运动员的照片,倍受鼓舞。因为他们,我也喜欢上了健身。19 岁时,我开始接受 Kasasa 先生的指导,他早在 1978 年就在迈阿密获得了“非洲先生”的称号。他一直鼓励我,是我作为职业健身人发展道路上的关键支柱。By the year 2015, I was working with established fitness centers in Kampala, and I decided to register my own brand “Shredded Fitness”. Fast forward to 2018, a good friend who was in China recommended me for a position in Xiamen. China sounded like a great challenge and opportunity, so I packed my things and moved to this stunning island-city. I started working for a fitness center here in Xiamen, and two years later in June 2020, I became a fitness entrepreneur and opened my own facility: Shredded Fitness Studio! This was like a dream to me, and it came true in China!

2015 年,我与坎帕拉的健身中心合作,注册自己的品牌 “Shredded Fitness”。2018 年,一位在中国的好友推荐我到厦门工作。中国意味着巨大的挑战和机遇,我收拾行囊,搬到了这个美丽的岛屿城市,开始在一家健身中心工作。2020 年 6 月,我开创了自己的健身事业,建立了自己的健身中心 Shredded Fitness Studio!这是我的梦想,没想到在中国实现了!

​During my first few years, I realized that gyms in China do very well, but there seemed to be a gap for international fitness lovers. The expat community usually finds it difficult to follow trainings due to the language barrier, so that’s where I found my niche. At the moment, 70% of my clients are foreign and 30% of them are local.

在中国的头几年,我发现中国的健身房做得很好,但对于国际健身爱好者而言,似乎还有一定差距。由于语言障碍,外国人通常很难跟上训练,所以我找到了自己健身房的定位。目前,我的客户有 70% 是外国人,30% 是中国人。

Working in China for four years, I have seen many changes. Compared to Uganda, I can say the fitness industry is more advanced here, but at the international level, there is still room for growth. Professionally, there are many competitions happening around China, so I get more opportunities to compete here. You should see my family! They are so proud of me, they grab every chance to take out their phones and show my pictures to their friends and neighbors back home.


Culturally, I find that there is stigma about obesity and a certain obsession to stay extremely skinny among some young Chinese. Certainly this is caused by trend setters on streaming platforms and social media, who use unrealistic filters, cameras, or even plastic surgery to look a certain way. This is rather unhealthy, and influencers should be responsible and careful about the body image they are portraying. This could lead to eating and mental disorders, instead of an appropriate diet and balanced exercise routines, and that is very undesirable.  


Actually, some clients have approached me and asked: “Can I be like you in 3 months?” Naturally, I don’t want to affect their self-esteem, and I am always very cautious and kind and try not to impose my thoughts on them. It is important to use empathy to understand them first, as people already have formed their body self-perception and are aware of their limitations and eating habits (cheat day cannot be every day!).

有些客户曾问过我:“3 个月内,我可以练成你这样的身材吗?”我不想伤害他们的自尊,所以总是非常谨慎和友善地回答这个问题,尽量不把自己的想法强加给他们。我会用同理心去理解他们,这很重要,因为人们已经形成了他们对身体的自我认知,知道自己的局限和饮食习惯(不可能每天都吃欺骗餐!)。

I have worked with nearly 10,000 people from around the world, and I have learned that respect, kindness, and understanding are the right way to go. Some come to me with the sole goal of looking better, and I try to be realistic and avoid sugar-coating the reality. What I can do for them is to guide them in their journey of adopting a healthy lifestyle with discipline, focus, and patience. Looking better will be the outcome of all that effort. It took me 12 years of self-discipline and “boring” meals, and my weeks consist of 4 days of training, 2 days of racing and 1 recovery day…nobody said it was easy! 

我与来自世界各地的近 10000 人合作过,尊重、善意和理解是正确的相处之道。有些人来到我这里,唯一的目标是让自己的身材更好,我会坦诚相待,不会夸张地吹捧。我能做的就是指导他们,养成健康的生活方式,要自律、专注和耐心,好身材就是努力的回报。我花了 12 年的时间自律,吃着“清淡”的饭菜,每周有 4 天在训练,2 天在跑步,1 天在恢复……健身不易!

So, long story short, yes, you can look like me. But are you willing to commit to a long-term fitness lifestyle? To me, this lifestyle has become like an internalized routine. It’s like paying the bills; one must find space for exercise in the daily routine.


​In China, I suffered from an ankle injury and actually tried Traditional Chinese Medicine to help with the recovery. In my experience, you must find the right TCM doctor to help. The first time I tried TCM, they applied a clay-like poultice which smelt like ointment on my ankle for 2 hours, and I was told to keep it on for 24 hours! That first treatment did not seem to help much, but I went on and found a really professional acupuncture specialist and those needles proofed very useful in alleviating the tension and swelling around my ankle. This millennia-old technique is a jewel of the Chinese culture!

在中国,我尝试找中医帮助恢复受伤的脚踝。根据我的经验,你必须找到合适的中医。我第一次接受中医治疗时,医生在我的脚踝上涂了一层粘土状的糊糊,闻起来像药膏,涂了 2 个小时,而且要贴 24 小时!这是我第一次尝试中医疗法。第一次治疗似乎没有什么效果,然后我找了一位专业针灸师,针灸对缓解脚踝紧张和肿胀非常有效。具有千年历史的针灸真是中国文化的瑰宝!

Currently, I plan to stay in Xiamen for a few more years. What I love about Xiamen and China in general is the feeling of togetherness and family. Many values of this culture are similar to my own, like respect for and obedience to parents. So now, I consider this place to be my second home, and could not be more grateful for all the opportunities this place has given me.


In the future, I plan to return to Uganda and give all the things I have learned in China back to my community. I want to give seminars focusing on injury rehabilitation and fitness lifestyle, and my biggest goal would be to open facilities for the elderly in Uganda.




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