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征文51 ▏Camila: I study journalism in China!
Two and a half years before, I wasn’t expecting to come to China and live all the experiences that I am living now. Exactly two years ago, I was in a 30-hour flight coming to China, not even knowing what challenges I was going to face. It all started when graduating from high school. I was looking for a good university to study when I found about the Chinese government scholarships. I applied and as soon as I got accepted, I had to travel to China to study a one-year Chinese language course in Xiamen’s Huaqiao University. 两年半之前,我并没有想到会来中国,过上现在的生活。两年前,我坐了 30 个小时的飞机来到中国,我甚至不知道将会面临什么样的挑战。我的中国故事从高中毕业时开始,当时我得知中国政府提供留学奖学金,所以我想找一所好的中国大学学习。于是我申请华侨大学的留学生,一被录取,我就前往中国,学习一年的中文课程。
征文50 ▏Szabolcs Szajp: The adventure is still on…
My China story starts in 2007 in Hungary, where I was teaching international political economy at the Corvinus University of Budapest, and researching public economic policy issues in a think-tank. I was in a relationship for 4 years, I owned a small flat and a car, and lived in a nice environment with my beloved in the green Buda side of the capital city. So I had an ongoing academic career, close to finishing my PhD at the International Relations program, and had what we can call a normal life.我的中国故事还要从 2007 年的匈牙利讲起,当时我在布达佩斯的科维努斯大学教授国际政治经济学,还在一个智库研究公共经济政策问题。当时我正在谈一段维持四年的感情,拥有一套小公寓和一辆小车,和我的女友住在树木繁茂的布达城区。我正在进行学术研究,即将取得国际关系博士学位,过着正常的生活。
征文49 ▏Carla: Guangzhou is perfect for my curious soul
My story in China started when I got a job offer for a company in Guangzhou. I never thought of China as a place where I would like to live, I only considered it as a place to travel sometime in my life. Surprisingly, China has turned out to be the country that has brought me the most exciting adventures and experiences in my life so far.我收到广州一家公司offer的时候,我的中国之旅也随之开始。我从未想过,今后我会住在中国,我只把它看作是生命中的旅居之地。但令我惊喜的是,中国带给我的是最激动人心的冒险经历。
征文48 ▏Hanna: Always busy and so happy!
My first time in China was 18 years ago. I visited Xiamen as a tourist with my mum, my aunt and her daughters. Not many tourists came here at the time, and everything was rather cheap. We had booked 3 rooms in Mandarin Hotel but they gave us an upgrade to stay at whole Vila. Yes, we got a 5 stars vila all to ourselves! That was so beautiful, like a wonderland. An unforgettable first impression.我第一次来中国是在 18 年前。我和妈妈、姨妈和她的女儿来厦门旅游。当时来这里的游客不多,而且东西都相当便宜。我们在悦华酒店订了 3 个房间,但他们给我们升级到别墅房。没错,我们住进了一套五星级别墅!那里美得就像一个仙境。厦门给我留下了难忘的第一印象。
征文47 ▏Raj: Speaking Minnan made my life in Xiamen easier
The first time I step foot on Chinese soil was in 1997 when I went to Beijing for a work trip regarding the design of a hotel there. Coming here for the first time helped to dispel a lot of the misconceptions in my head and the rumors that I heard about living here. I heard that China was so crowded absolutely everywhere, that people misbehaved, that there were no proper toilets!  Well, of course, it was all wrong.我第一次踏上中国的土地是在 1997 年,我当时去北京出差,为一家酒店进行设计。第一次来到这里,打消了我脑海中存在的许多误解,那些关于在中国生活的传言也不攻自破了。我听说中国哪里都很拥挤,人们行为粗鲁,也没有体面的厕所!当然,这是完全错误的。
征文46 ▏Jenny: In China, I get VIP treatment
After my college graduation, I met up with my high school friend, Renelyn, who was at that time working as a foreign teacher in Xiamen city. After hearing her wonderful experience here in Xiamen, I asked her the procedure on how to apply to work as ESL teacher. At that time, the qualifications required for ESL teachers weren’t that stringent, basically, the requirements were to hold a Bachelor’s degree and a TESL  certificate. I was lucky enough to pass all interviews and landed my first job as a foreign teacher in Xiamen Educational College which eventually merged with 2 other colleges and renamed into Xiamen City Vocational College.大学毕业后,我偶遇了高中同学 Renelyn,她当时在厦门做外教。她给我讲了在厦门的精彩故事,然后我问她如何申请成为 ESL(以英语为第二语言) 教师。当时,对 ESL 教师的资格要求并不严格,基本要求是持有学士学位和 TESL(英语作为第二外语教学) 证书。我很幸运地通过了所有的面试,在厦门教育学院找到了我的第一份工作——外教,该学院最终与其他两所学院合并,更名为厦门城市职业学院。
征文45 ▏Biba: there’s nothing romantic about our story
My husband and I lived in Xiamen for almost ten years, but apart from colleagues or friends in groups involved in saving animals, we didn’t meet that many other foreigners. The reason is simple, we didn’t have time. 我和丈夫在厦门生活了近十年,但除了一起拯救动物的同事和朋友外,我们并没有认识很多外国人 。原因很简单,我们没时间。
抽奖 ▏2021 Home Away From Home – Prize giveaway 3
On Monday October 11th at 2 pm Beijing time, we held the third round giveaway for 1 bottles of wine sponsored by Babel Tower. In the end, we had one lucky prize-winners who are Kristina from Russia. The following is her winning story, you can open the link to read her great story.北京时间 10 月 11 日星期一下午两点我们进行了第三轮抽奖,获奖者是来自俄罗斯的秀颖,以下是她的获奖故事,打开链接阅读她的精彩故事吧!
征文44 ▏Jenn: China is an amazing, diverse country
When I tell many people that I live in China, they ask me questions about crowds, traffic, and other problems that they’ve heard exist in China. I’ve been living internationally for 18 years and this is the start of my fourth year in China. To answer these questions, I always show pictures of where I live – in a beautiful beach side community with no traffic and no crowds. Actually, I used to believe those stereotypes about China, too. At one point, I said ‘Never China’ when thinking of where to go next. I’m so glad I decided to change my mind and give China a chance.如果告诉别人我住在中国,他们会问我中国的人口、交通等问题。我已经在世界各地生活了 18 年,今年是我在中国生活的第四年。我回答这些问题的方式就是向他们展示我家小区的照片——一个美丽的海滨小区,那里没有拥堵的交通,没有庞大的人口。事实上,我也曾认为那些对中国的刻板印象是真的。我在考虑下一站去哪里的时候,一度说“绝对不去中国”。我很庆幸自己改变了想法,给中国一个机会。
征文43 ▏Alonso: I fell in love with Chinese music
My journey began in 2011 when I started studying at the Confucius Institute of Ecuador. I fell in love with the language right away and committed to studying Mandarin Chinese until I could speak the language perfectly. This started a journey that will last forever.2011 年,我开始在厄瓜多尔孔子学院学习,我的中国之旅也由此开始。我一下子就爱上了汉语并开始学习,立志精通这门语言。从此,我开启了一段永恒的旅程。