征文51 ▏Camila: I study journalism in China!

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征文51 ▏Camila: I study journalism in China!


Name :  Camila


Country of Origin :  Ecuador


Occupation : Student


Years in China : 2 years


Camila(方若情) 个人照

Two and a half years before, I wasn’t expecting to come to China and live all the experiences that I am living now. Exactly two years ago, I was in a 30-hour flight coming to China, not even knowing what challenges I was going to face. It all started when graduating from high school. I was looking for a good university to study when I found about the Chinese government scholarships. I applied and as soon as I got accepted, I had to travel to China to study a one-year Chinese language course in Xiamen’s Huaqiao University.

两年半之前,我并没有想到会来中国,过上现在的生活。两年前,我坐了 30 个小时的飞机来到中国,我甚至不知道将会面临什么样的挑战。我的中国故事从高中毕业时开始,当时我得知中国政府提供留学奖学金,所以我想找一所好的中国大学学习。于是我申请华侨大学的留学生,一被录取,我就前往中国,学习一年的中文课程。

Picture with friends and our first Chinese teacher

It was my first time away from my family, but I can say that I also got another one here.  In my first year I met new friends from different countries. At first, we all communicated with each other in English or in Spanish with some of them, but as long as our Chinese classes started to pay off, we were able even to make jokes in Chinese! Achieving this in such short time was surprising for us! This time was full of new experiences from learning how to use chopsticks to traveling to different cities on our own.


Graduation after one year of studying Chinese at Xiamen Huaqiao University

Learning Chinese is not something easy, but when I noticed that it is more than just learning a language everything got easier. Studying in China is also about learning more about the Chinese culture and customs. After this first year of Chinese classes, and after passing my exams, I came to Xiamen University to study my major: Journalism and Communication specialized in the TV and Broadcasting field, and it is fascinating to learn about journalism from a Chinese perspective.


Attending my first sports day in China

Apart from my student life I really enjoy being in a city like Xiamen with its beautiful sunsets and beaches and its traditional food, as a fact, the must delicious thing that I have tried in China is its hotpot, I enjoy it every time and now I can’t live without it! Every day China surprises me with everything that its culture involves, every time, even if I just go for a walk, I can learn something new about China. I am glad to have the opportunity to be in China, meeting new people, learning about its culture, and feeling as safe as I feel even being 16.247,20 km away from home.


Lastly, I would like to add a fun fact that I discovered when coming to China and knowing a little bit more Chinese, and it is that in Ecuador we have many Chinese restaurants with Chinese dishes made more in an Ecuadorian way, and the most famous one is called “Chulafán” which is basically fried rice, and now I know that its name comes from the Chinese characters 炒辣饭 (Chǎo là fàn), I bet most of Ecuadorians don’t know that.

最后,我想补充一个有趣的事实,这是我来到中国后发现的,也让我对中文有了更多的理解。在厄瓜多尔有很多中餐馆,但是里面的菜很多是以厄瓜多尔的方式制作的,最有名的菜叫 “Chulafán”,也就是炒饭,现在我知道它的名字来源于“炒辣饭”(Chǎo là fàn),我敢打赌大多数厄瓜多尔人不知道这个。

作者:方若情 翻译:潘泽彬

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