October 11, 2021

抽奖 ▏2021 Home Away From Home – Prize giveaway 3
On Monday October 11th at 2 pm Beijing time, we held the third round giveaway for 1 bottles of wine sponsored by Babel Tower. In the end, we had one lucky prize-winners who are Kristina from Russia. The following is her winning story, you can open the link to read her great story.北京时间 10 月 11 日星期一下午两点我们进行了第三轮抽奖,获奖者是来自俄罗斯的秀颖,以下是她的获奖故事,打开链接阅读她的精彩故事吧!
征文44 ▏Jenn: China is an amazing, diverse country
When I tell many people that I live in China, they ask me questions about crowds, traffic, and other problems that they’ve heard exist in China. I’ve been living internationally for 18 years and this is the start of my fourth year in China. To answer these questions, I always show pictures of where I live – in a beautiful beach side community with no traffic and no crowds. Actually, I used to believe those stereotypes about China, too. At one point, I said ‘Never China’ when thinking of where to go next. I’m so glad I decided to change my mind and give China a chance.如果告诉别人我住在中国,他们会问我中国的人口、交通等问题。我已经在世界各地生活了 18 年,今年是我在中国生活的第四年。我回答这些问题的方式就是向他们展示我家小区的照片——一个美丽的海滨小区,那里没有拥堵的交通,没有庞大的人口。事实上,我也曾认为那些对中国的刻板印象是真的。我在考虑下一站去哪里的时候,一度说“绝对不去中国”。我很庆幸自己改变了想法,给中国一个机会。
征文43 ▏Alonso: I fell in love with Chinese music
My journey began in 2011 when I started studying at the Confucius Institute of Ecuador. I fell in love with the language right away and committed to studying Mandarin Chinese until I could speak the language perfectly. This started a journey that will last forever.2011 年,我开始在厄瓜多尔孔子学院学习,我的中国之旅也由此开始。我一下子就爱上了汉语并开始学习,立志精通这门语言。从此,我开启了一段永恒的旅程。
征文42 ▏ Graham: The gap year in China that became 18!
征文41 ▏Atul: My yoga studio dream, a reality in China
My journey started in 2008 in Xiamen. It all started with when my previous employer came to India that year and saw what I was capable of. I had been offered an opportunity to come to China in 2005 but I turned it down so I figured that this second opportunity was a sign that I could not say no to. When I first came here, I was surprised that there were a lot of yoga places in Fujian and as I first worked in Xiamen, my company decided to send me to Quanzhou to live from 2008-2010. Those were the best 2 years of my life and it definitely left a lasting impression on me about China. After those 2 years, I pondered opening my own company and in 2011 I officially became a yoga entrepreneur.2008 年,我的中国之旅从厦门起航。那年,我之前的老板来到印度,发现了我的能力。2005年,我本有机会来到中国,但我拒绝了,所以我想这次一定要抓住机会。我第一次来到厦门的时候,我很惊讶,福建竟然有这么多瑜伽馆。我第一次在厦门工作的时候,公司决定让我 2008 年去泉州居住,在那儿居住两年。那是我生命中最美好的两年,也令我对中国形成了深刻的印象。两年后,我考虑开一家自己的公司,2011 年我的瑜伽公司正式成立。
征文40 ▏Andre: The engineering behind gelato-making
I used to work in the construction industry in Germany and in 2006 I got the opportunity to interview for a job as a Construction Manager for the company’s branch in Shanghai. I applied for the position and was successful! So, my journey to China started on January 2007 and I was really happy but also a bit worried. 我来中国之前,在德国工作,从事建筑行业。2006 年,我申请了上海分公司建筑经理的职位。通过面试,我成功地获得了这个岗位!就这样,我的中国之旅从 2007 年 1 月开始,我当时非常高兴,但又怀揣些许不安。
征文39 ▏Lucía: Xiamen became my little corner in China
It all started with a phone call where a friend told me about scholarships to China to study the language back in 2010. Without hesitation, or being very aware of what I was doing, I applied and the 1-year option as I had in mind did not exist. The options were 2 years to study language or 5 years to study a Degree. I thought about it, discussed it with my family and with their absolute support and only 19 years of age, I arrived in the capital of China in September 2010. Wudaokou, BLCU, friends and an unforgettable experience from the very beginning.我的中国之旅始于一通电话。2010年,一位朋友告诉我可以申请去中国学习汉语的奖学金。我毫不犹豫就申请了,我非常清楚自己在做什么。我本来想在中国学习一年,但是想取得学位只有两年或者五年的学制。经过深思熟虑,并和家人讨论,在他们的绝对支持下,2010 年 9 月,当时只有 19 岁的我来到了中国的首都北京,进入了五道口的北京语言大学。朋友以及难忘的经历,我故事的开始。