October 25, 2021

抽奖 ▏Home Away From Home – Last prize giveaway
On Wednesday October 20th at 4 pm Beijing time, we held the fourth round giveaway for 2 bottles of wine sponsored by Babel Tower. In the end, we had two lucky prize-winners who are Carla from Spain and Camila from Ecuador. The following is their winning stories , you can open the link to read their great stories.北京时间 10 月 20 日星期三下午四点我们进行了第四轮抽奖,抽取两名参赛者获得匈牙利红酒,最终获奖者分别是来自西班牙的Carla和来自厄瓜多尔的Camila,以下是她们的获奖故事,打开链接阅读她们的精彩故事吧!
征文55 ▏Vlad “the goat fighter”: Epic Journey to the East
陈悟空: 大家好。每次别人问我叫什么名字,我很难回答,因为这压根不存在。不要误会我的意思,其实我有名字,但不是英文名。所以为了更方便在中国生活,我给自己取了个中文名“悟空”。没错,就是《西游记》的主人公孙悟空,他姓孙,而我姓陈。孙悟空“西游”,而我“东游”。
征文54 ▏Roshan: Life isn’t what you expect…
Life itself drives us where we deserve to be. All you need is to have a plan, commit to your goals, prepare, be consistent and have faith. My story is one example… I went to Germany to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor but it didn’t work out because of my family financial conditions back then. I had to serve myself and I couldn’t give my 100% towards my goal so I planned to continue my studies elsewhere.生命本身会指引我们到达应该到达的地方。你需要有所计划,朝着你的目标前进,做好万全准备,坚持不懈,充满信心。我的经历就是一个很好的例子...我漂洋过海来到德国,希望实现我的医生梦,但由于当时我的家庭经济条件,这个梦想落空了。我必须要为自己的决定负责,我当时没有为我的目标付出100%的努力。我决定到另一个地方继续学习。
征文53 ▏Tamar: My dad encouraged me to learn Chinese
I first came to China in 2015, but the journey to China started a long time ago. More than 15 years ago, when I was a little girl, I had a conversation with my dad about my future goals. He suggested that I should study the Chinese language, he said the 21st century is the “Century of China”, and the Chinese language is the “Language of the Future”. I didn’t understand him at that time, because China seemed to be very far away, and I hardly knew anything about this country. In those times, we didn’t have internet, and the only link to the world – the TV – never talked about China.我第一次来中国是在 2015 年,但我的中国故事很早就开始了。15 年前,当时还是小女孩的我和父亲一起讨论我的未来。他建议我学习中文,他说21世纪是“中国的世纪”,而中文是“未来的语言”。当时我还不理解这句话的含义,因为中国似乎很遥远,我对这个国家几乎一无所知。那个年代没有互联网,唯一能了解世界的渠道——电视也从未介绍过中国。
征文52 ▏Ana: Life in Beijing is a fun whirlwind
Once upon a time, there was an 18-year-old girl deciding on her undergrad major. She decided she wanted to graduate in Translation and Interpreting Studies, but what languages would she choose? That girl barely out of teenagehood was me, and I decided to come to Asia and so my second major language during university was Chinese. From acquaintances to university clerks, everyone warned me —Chinese is so very difficult, are you sure?曾经有一个 18 岁的女孩正在选择本科读什么专业。她终于决定要读口笔译专业,她会选择什么语言呢?那个刚刚走出青春期的女孩就是我,我决定来到亚洲,所以我在大学期间选择中文作为我的第二外语。从朋友到大学职工,每个人都警告过我——中文非常难,你确定要学吗?
征文51 ▏Camila: I study journalism in China!
Two and a half years before, I wasn’t expecting to come to China and live all the experiences that I am living now. Exactly two years ago, I was in a 30-hour flight coming to China, not even knowing what challenges I was going to face. It all started when graduating from high school. I was looking for a good university to study when I found about the Chinese government scholarships. I applied and as soon as I got accepted, I had to travel to China to study a one-year Chinese language course in Xiamen’s Huaqiao University. 两年半之前,我并没有想到会来中国,过上现在的生活。两年前,我坐了 30 个小时的飞机来到中国,我甚至不知道将会面临什么样的挑战。我的中国故事从高中毕业时开始,当时我得知中国政府提供留学奖学金,所以我想找一所好的中国大学学习。于是我申请华侨大学的留学生,一被录取,我就前往中国,学习一年的中文课程。
征文50 ▏Szabolcs Szajp: The adventure is still on…
My China story starts in 2007 in Hungary, where I was teaching international political economy at the Corvinus University of Budapest, and researching public economic policy issues in a think-tank. I was in a relationship for 4 years, I owned a small flat and a car, and lived in a nice environment with my beloved in the green Buda side of the capital city. So I had an ongoing academic career, close to finishing my PhD at the International Relations program, and had what we can call a normal life.我的中国故事还要从 2007 年的匈牙利讲起,当时我在布达佩斯的科维努斯大学教授国际政治经济学,还在一个智库研究公共经济政策问题。当时我正在谈一段维持四年的感情,拥有一套小公寓和一辆小车,和我的女友住在树木繁茂的布达城区。我正在进行学术研究,即将取得国际关系博士学位,过着正常的生活。