Prizes Update! 2021《家外之家》征文比赛 ▏Home Away From Home

家外之家 2021
Prizes Update! 2021《家外之家》征文比赛 ▏Home Away From Home


Home away from home is a collection of the unique stories written by foreigners in China and compiled by Master Translations Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MTS”)Babel Tower Translation Service Co., Ltd. and Moze (Beijing) Technology Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Moze”), aiming to explore the unique stories of approximately 100 foreign friends who came to China from all over the world. These stories give them a chance to express their feelings (curiosity and loss due to cultural shock), their experiences in overcoming differences, and various things that might have happened e.g. “interesting moment” and “embarrassing moment” in their studies, work and travel.


-How can I enter?
-If you would like to contribute your story then you can use the questions below as inspiration for your creativity to flow! Submit your final write up (in no more than 800 words) with at least 3 photos included to
-Deadline for submission is Friday October 15th  2021.
-Country of Origin:
-Years in China:
-How did your journey in China begin?
-What do you like most about your city (Xiamen or others) and China as a whole?
-What fascinated you the most about living in China?
-What is your unique China story? Tell us something that you experienced that made you love living here even more.
-Add a random fun fact about your country or hometown.
-Please share a photo of yourself or taken by yourself to illustrate your story with at least 3 other photos in the body of your submission.
-请分享一张个人靓照或者个人拍摄的照片,用以说明当时的故事,并在文章正文中至少附上3张照片。关于奖品 :

There will be a total of 5 prize winners which will be chosen by public vote done on our website, WeChat and various forms of social media. Please refer to the rules section below.
Five Winners’ prizes 五位获胜者奖品
1. A two-night stay at a fabulous hotel on Gulangyu Island


A two-night stay for two people at a fabulous hotel on Gulangyu Island, a national 5A scenic spot and a world cultural heritage in Xiamen. The hotel rooms are equipped with queen beds (or twin beds) with a panoramic view of the sea. There are also well-known spots such as Sunlight Rock, Wanguo Architecture (former site of embassies and consulates), “Meet Love around the Corner” and other new hot attractions on the Island. Here you may enjoy the sea breeze, a leisurely walk, watch ebb and flow of the tide, listen to the waves hitting the rocks, feel the sound like a great bell, cross the unique natural and historical scenery, and even “meet love around the corner”. So, what are you waiting for?


2. Tea Culture Products


Prizes worth 688 yuan provided by Moze – Beautiful China Series Tea Culture Products, including sets of porcelain teacups from the places where the five famous ancient Chinese kilns located; tea bags of six kinds of renowned Chinese teas, namely, dark, white, black, green, yellow and oolong teas; and the book of The Classic of Tea in Chinese and English.


3.The writings of the five winners will be recommended to, China Report, and other mainstream media for publication.


Bonus 特别奖



-For every 10 stories submitted to our contest, a lucky participant will win 1 bottle of wine sponsored by Hungarian Winery Club by means of a lottery.
-The 21st submission will receive a bottle of red wine RMB 688 worth to mark the ” MTS 21st Anniversary ”
-All participants will receive a 5% discount on their next translation project (academic thesis, document translations, etc.)
-All participants will receive a book about China.
-第21名投稿者将获得“精艺达21周年”纪念幸运版红酒一瓶,价值 688元!


Competition Rules:
1. Must be a foreign citizen residing legally in China.
2. Prize Valid for One (1) year after winning announcement.
3. Prize would be subject to hotel availability and cannot be used during national holidays and/or peak travel times.
4. Prizes are transferrable but not redeemable for cash.
Voting Rules:
Winners will be selected based on the votes on MTS website and likes the stories get on social media.
1. Website Poll results on (50%)
2. MTS Official WeChat account, Babel Tower Official WeChat account and Yi Jiantang WeChat account (25%) number of Article reads + number of likes
3. Foreign Social Media likes (25%) Facebook + Instagram
The website poll will be opened once all the stories are collected and compiled after the submission deadline.
The amount of reads on Wechat and social media likes will be counted from the moment the article is published on all of our official accounts.
1. 参赛者必须是合法居住在中国的外国公民。
2. 奖品有效期为宣布获奖后的一年时间。
3. 奖品(使用)需视酒店入住情况而定,且不能在国家法定节假日或者旅游高峰期使用。
4. 奖品可以转送但不能兑换现金。
1. 精艺达英文官网投票结果(50%)
2. 精艺达公众号+巴别塔公众号+墨责公众号(25%)文章阅读量 + 点赞量
3. 国外社交媒体文章点赞量(25%)Facebook + Instagram