Final results of the “Home Away From Home” Essay Contest

家外之家 2021
Final results of the “Home Away From Home” Essay Contest

It has been 5 months already since the “Home Away from Home” essay contest began! We appreciate all the foreign friends who have participated writing 55 unique stories about their experience as expats in China.

On October 31st, the voting system closed, and after thorough counting of likes, reads and votes, today is the time to announce the 5 winners! Drumroll please…

感谢大家 5 个月以来对《家外之家》征文比赛的关注!开赛至今,我们一共征集到了 55 篇外国人在华故事,我们非常感谢此次积极参与征文活动的外国朋友。

2021 年 10 月 31 日,网站投票通道也已关闭。通过计算社交媒体点赞数、阅读数、以及网站投票数,经过激烈角逐, 5 名参赛者最终脱颖而出:


Congratulations to these 5 writers who will enjoy each:
  • A two-night stay at a fabulous hotel on Gulangyu Island
  • Tea Culture Products
  • The writings will be published in, China Report, and other mainstream  media.

The writers who ranked 6 to 10 were also very close! So we would like to appreciate their efforts with a valuable surprise. Writers in positions 6-10 will be announced during the award ceremony.

Thanks again to all the Home Away From Home participantsYou are all cordially invited to our award ceremony where more surprises await!

再次恭喜以上 5 位征文作者,你们将分别获得以下奖品:
  • 鼓浪屿高级酒店住宿两晚的权利
  • 价值688元的大美中国茶礼盒
  • 优秀文章将推荐至中国网、中国报道等国家级媒体上进行刊登

此外,鉴于征文活动前 10 名参赛者的分数都十分接近,我们将给予排名第 6 ~10 的参赛者一份特别的礼物。征文排名第 6~10 的参赛者将在颁奖礼现场公布。


Awards Ceremony




Awards Ceremony

On November 13th at 7 pmthe award ceremony of the “Home Away From Home” essay contest will be held in Xiamen. Prizes will be presented to the winners and participants. There will be live musicfood and more surprises for the attendees! This is an invite-only event, but you can follow our live streaming via social media. Follow us on:

Wechat: mts_cn

Instagram: xiamenpics

Facebook/Meta: xmmts
颁奖礼2021 年 11 月 13 日星期六晚上 7 点,我们将在厦门举行《家外之家》颁奖礼。届时,我们将进行颁奖仪式。除此之外,颁奖礼现场还有音乐表演特色美食精美礼品相送。需要注意的是,此次颁奖礼名额有限,只有受邀者才可参加,如果没有参加此次颁奖礼也没关系,我们将通过社交媒体网络直播的形式分享喜悦,欢迎关注精艺达社交媒体跟踪最新消息。微信公众号:mts_cn

Instagram: xiamenpics

Facebook/Meta: xmmts