August 12, 2021

Prizes Update! 2021《家外之家》征文比赛 ▏Home Away From Home
Home away from home is a collection of the unique stories written by foreigners in China and compiled by Master Translations Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MTS"), Babel Tower Translation Service Co., Ltd. and Moze (Beijing) Technology Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Moze"), aiming to explore the unique stories of approximately 100 foreign friends who came to China from all over the world. These stories give them a chance to express their feelings (curiosity and loss due to cultural shock), their experiences in overcoming differences, and various things that might have happened e.g. "interesting moment" and "embarrassing moment" in their studies, work and travel.《家外之家》是一本外国人在中国的独特故事集,由外国人撰写,厦门精艺达翻译服务有限公司(以下简称“精艺达”)、巴别塔(深圳)翻译有限公司、墨责(北京)科技传播有限公司(以下简称“墨责”)面向全国共同征集汇编,探寻记录100位外籍友人从五湖四海来到华夏大地,从新奇、茫然到文化冲撞、从克服差异到寻找内蕴,在学习、工作、旅行中发生各种“趣事”“囧事”,以及他们如何对待这些体验、获得经验和安居乐业的。
征文14 ▏Karla: A real Disney Princess story
Let’s be honest, every little girl wants to grow up to be a princess. We all do! I know I sure did. As a child in Texas, I often found any excuse to don a fancy gown with a matching tiara. As an adult I have made numerous treks to Disneyland with friends and family. So, imagine my excitement in the fall of 2017 when Disney English (“DE”) selected me to teach!说实话,每个小女孩长大之后都想做公主吧!大家都这样,我也不例外。作为一个在德克萨斯州长大的小孩,我总是想方设法地穿上漂亮精致的裙子,戴上配套的王冠。长大之后,我也经常和家人朋友去迪士尼旅游。所以,当2017年我成功选上迪士尼英语的老师时,我高兴极了!
征文13 ▏Smita: China helped me to discover my true self
Honestly, I never thought in my lifetime that I would be living in China, but my husband’s dream brought me to this heaven on earth. Just like many Indian women, who instead of following their dreams end up following and supporting their husband’s. In 2007, I moved to China from Indonesia to support him and his dreams. The first city I visited was Quanzhou in Fujian Province, with my husband and my son who was just a year old.老实说,我这辈子从没想过会住在中国,但我丈夫的梦想把我带到了这个天府之国。就像许多印度女性一样,她们没有追随自己的梦想,而是决定追随并支持丈夫的梦想。2007年,我从印度尼西亚搬到中国,支持我的丈夫和他的梦想。我第一次去的城市是福建泉州,和我的丈夫以及刚满一岁的儿子一起。
征文12 ▏Becky: I began a sports journey at the age of 40
I remember my first full day in China at the new school I was contractually obligated to live and work at for the next 6 months. Because of jet lag I woke up really early and had hours until I met my boss, so I decided to explore the area around the campus, and maybe find the city center and places like supermarkets and restaurants in my new home in Zhejiang Province.我还记得我第一天到中国新学校的场景,而且接下来的六个月我都必须要在中国生活和工作。因为时差的关系,我醒得很早,距离见到老板还有好几个小时,于是我决定去校园周围转转,或许能在我的新家——浙江,试着找到市中心,或是超市和餐馆
征文11 ▏François: I met my “ai ren” in China
I first came to Xiamen on June 2015 to study my second year of master degree in exchange program. 我第一次来厦门是在2015年6月,通过一个交换项目来华攻读硕士二年级。