征文11 ▏François: I met my “ai ren” in China

家外之家 2021
征文11 ▏François: I met my “ai ren” in China


Name : François


Country of Origin : France


Occupation : Student


Years in China : 5 years



How did your journey in China begin?


I first came to Xiamen on June 2015 to study my second year of master degree in exchange program.


What do you like most about your city and China as a whole?


I love the natural environment in Xiamen and especially the beautiful university campus. I also like the local food! My favorite breakfast dish is black rice porridge 黑米粥! I also like 沙茶面 shachamian satay noodles with fresh vegetables and tofu also mantou 馒头 steamed white bread to use in the dip.


What fascinated you the most about living in China?


I really appreciate the generosity and honesty of most people which contribute to creating a safe and enjoyable environment. I am also fascinated by the fact that you can go out with only your mobile phone in your pocket since you can do virtually everything with it! Also anything can be delivered to your door which was good during the coronavirus lockdown. But it should be used moderately because it may lead to always staying home.


What is your unique China story?


Six years ago, I met my girlfriend in Xiamen University as we were both studying in exchange programs. But after only three months, she had to go back to her country. One year passed and we were apart from each other living an emotional rollercoaster. I then finally decided to write her a letter inviting her to visit me in France. After an intense two weeks trip we had to leave each other again for another six months. We then got lucky to both have opportunity to study again in Xiamen university, savoring three years of life together. We became life partners,“ai ren” 爱人.


Some background on his home country:


My hometown “Montdidier” is a small northern city of 6000 inhabitants surrounded by countryside. the local “celebrity” is a scientist from the 18th century “Antoine Augustin Parmentier” who popularized the cultivation and consumption of the potato which was unknown before in France Which contributed to the end of a major famine.

我的家乡蒙迪迪耶是一个有着 6000 居民的北方小城市,四周被乡村围绕。当地的“名人”是一位来自 18 世纪的科学家“安东尼‧奥古斯丁‧帕门提尔”,他推广了曾经在法国不为人知的马铃薯的种植和消费,直接帮助当地消除了一场大饥荒。


Pictured above is Montdidier’s Priory: Fortress of the Count of Montdidier from the 10th century. It became one of the residence of the King of France in the 12th century. In the 16th century it became a justice court. Like most of the city, it was destroyed during the First World War. It was rebuilt in 1930 with Neo-gothic architectural style.

上图是蒙迪迪耶的修道院:10 世纪蒙迪迪耶伯爵的堡垒。它在 12 世纪成为法国国王的住所之一。在 16 世纪,它成为了一个司法法庭。像这座城市其他地方一样,它在第一次世界大战期间被摧毁了。它于 1930 年重建,具有新哥特式建筑风格。

作者:François 翻译:余欣阳

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