MTS动态 | 话团圆,迎中秋

MTS动态 | 话团圆,迎中秋

Autumn is the harvest season. As one of the most important festivals in China in Autumn, the Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival not only represents reunion, but also happiness and good fortune. In 2022, MTS continued its 22-year tradition, and in the warm night of September 6th, we gathered together to enjoy a generous dinner and games to vent out from the busy work days and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.


MTS is a warm family. More often than not, everyone is busy with work on weekdays and has little time to chitchat and get to know each other outside of conversations regarding translation tasks or interpretation projects. That’s why everyone sat around the round turntables last night, to enjoy a meal together, relax and celebrate. Last night, newly-arrived employees and interns got to socialize and know old employees, which also reflected the loving and cohesive side of our company. 


After a good meal with what seemed a non-stop flow of traditional Fujianese and Cantonese food, paired with some Spanish beer and red wine, the highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival party came, the traditional dice game of Xiamen and neighboring cities: Bobing (博饼)! The clicking sound of dies rolling in the bowl to see who got the top prizes, along with everyone’s cheers and laughter made the end of the night a certainly memorable one. The Bobing activity made everyone forget their usual busyness for a while and enjoy a moment’s happiness.


We are halfway through 2022. Thank you to all employees who contribute to our company’s harvest and growth for your daily efforts! And thanks to our partners, clients and friends in China and abroad for their constant support! We wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.