July 28, 2021

征文8 ▏Daniel Mayers: Journey to accessibility in China
I moved to Xiamen to settle here with my girlfriend, (we met as she was studying in the UK), and began studying my undergraduate degree at Xiamen university.我和女友在英国读书时相识,之后我跟随她搬到厦门定居,并在厦门大学攻读本科学位。
征文7 ▏Devione: I feel at home in the Keqiao countryside
Hailing from a small town in Oklahoma USA, English Teacher Devione Harris shares his story on how he left America, lived in South Korea and now resides in China.英语教师 Devione Harris 来自美国俄克拉荷马州的小镇,他分享了自己如何离开故土、住在韩国、如今定居中国的故事。
征文6 ▏Mihail: Xiamen is the place where I want to live
My first time in China was back in 2015 when I was employed for a cruise ship company. We’d been cruising around the world visiting different countries and at one point the journey around Asia started. 我第一次来中国是 2015 年,当时我在一家游轮公司工作。我们一直坐着游轮周游世界,去了许多国家,在某一时刻,我们开始了亚洲之旅。
征文5 ▏Roman: My China story has been a whirlwind
The Bahamas has over 700 islands in total with only 30 of them currently being inhabited. Famous Bahamian islands include the Exumas which have an extraordinary pig beach where you can swim with pigs! Harbor Island which is known for its beach has natural pink sand and many more!Roman的家乡巴哈马共有700多个岛屿,目前只有30个岛屿有人居住。著名的巴哈马群岛包括伊克祖马斯岛,那里有一片独特的猪海滩,在那里你可以和猪一起游泳!此外还有海港岛,该岛以其天然的粉色沙滩等而闻名!