《恐惧:特朗普在白宫》Fear:Trump in the White House五大看点提前曝光

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《恐惧:特朗普在白宫》Fear:Trump in the White House五大看点提前曝光


曾以调查“水门事件”闻名的美国著名记者、普利策奖获得者——伍德沃德(Bob Woodward),9月11日即将出版新书《恐惧:特朗普在白宫》(Fear:Trump in the White House),9月4日这本书曝出部分“惊人的内容”。


以下是这本书已经曝光的 5 大看点:

1. ‘I stole it off his desk’

To protect Trump from himself and the world from Trump, Woodward reports that some of the president’s top aides swiped documents from his desk or hid paperwork to stall potential action.



2. ‘It’s either that or an orange jumpsuit’

In the book, Woodward reports that Trump’s former defense attorney, John Dowd, put Trump through a mock interview to prepare him for possible testimony before Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller.

Why? He didn’t believe the president could tell the truth, according to Woodward’s reporting.

When Trump didn’t perform well, Dowd allegedly told him, “Don’t testify. It’s either that or an orange jump suit.”

“I’ll be a real good witness” Trump told him, according to the book.


伍德沃德在书中写道,特朗普的前辩护律师约翰·多德(John Dowd)让特朗普接受模拟采访,为他可能在司法部特别顾问罗伯特·米勒(Robert Mueller)面前作证做准备。

为什么? 据伍德沃德的报道,他不相信总统能说出真相。



3. ‘He’s an idiot’

For the second time in a year-plus as chief of staff, Kelly is reported to have called Trump an“idiot.”



4. ‘The guy is mentally retarded’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a frequent punching bag for Trump over the past year — and his job is rumored to be in jeopardy following the November midterms — was singled out in the book as one of the president’s targets for humiliation.

“This guy is mentally retarded,” Trump said of Sessions, according to Woodward’s book. In another instance, Trump described him as a “dumb Southerner” and mocked his accent, Woodward reported.

“ 这家伙智力迟钝 ”

美国司法部长杰夫•塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)在过去一年里频频被特朗普当作出气筒——据传在11月中期选举后,他的工作将面临危险——在书中被单独列为总统羞辱的对象之一。

根据伍德沃德的书,特朗普在谈到赛申斯时说:“这家伙智力迟钝。” 伍德沃德指出,还有另一个例子,特朗普称他是一个“愚蠢的南方人”,并嘲笑他的口音。

5. ‘Assassinate Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad’

Donald Trump ordered his defence secretary to assassinate Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad and “kill the f****** lot of them” in the leader’s regime, in the wake of a chemical attack against civilians, according to the new book.

Defence secretary James Mattis is said to have told the president during a phone call he would “get right on it” before hanging up the phone and instead telling an aide: “We’re not going to do any of that. We’re going to be much more measured.” In the wake of the chemical attack in April 2017, the president’s national security team developed options that included the more conventional airstrike that Mr Trump eventually ordered.

“暗杀叙利亚总统巴沙尔 • 阿萨德 ”

这本新书说,在叙利亚平民遭到化学武器袭击后,唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump) 下令他的国防部长暗杀叙利亚总统巴沙尔•阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad),并“杀死阿萨德政权中的许多人”。

据称,美国国防部长詹姆斯•马蒂斯(James Mattis)曾在一次电话中告诉总统,他会 “立即行动”,然后挂断电话,转身对助手说:“我们不会那样做,我们将做更多的考量”。在2017年4月发生化学武器袭击后,特朗普的国家安全团队制定了一些方案选择,其中包括特朗普最终下令进行的更为常规的空袭。

从椭圆形办公室(Oval Office)到局势研究室(Situation Room),再到白宫(White 从House),伍德沃德利用机密的背景采访来说明不为人知的特朗普在白宫的内幕,揭露了特朗普任期内白宫混乱的政治生态,立即成为美国和世界各大媒体争相报道的头条新闻。