September 24, 2021

征文32 ▏Jaap: I have made China my home
I’m writing this article while I have just started reading Peter Hessler’s Oracle Bones.  写这篇文章时,我刚刚开始读彼得·海斯勒的《甲骨文》。
征文31 ▏Bill: China has an extremely dynamic atmosphere
It all started when I was a student doing my masters in London. By accident, I got a part time job in the School of the Oriental and African studies so that sparked my curiosity in China. I thought that I should go and visit so as a student I decided to make a trip here. A bit later, when I was getting art residencies, an offer was made to me to come to Beijing to produce some art projects. I accepted this art residency position in 2009 in Beijing and my China journey officially began. Back then, Beijing was not the city that it is now. A couple years later, in 2011 to be exact, I was offered another residency in Xiamen and I can also say that this city was rather different back then. 故事要从我在伦敦读硕士的时候讲起。一个偶然的机会,我在东方和非洲研究学院得到了一份兼职工作,这激起了我对中国的好奇心。我想我应该去看看,所以当时还是学生的我决定到中国旅行。我开始申请艺术家驻地项目,之后,便有人邀请我到北京开展一些艺术项目。2009 年我获得了北京的艺术家驻地权,我的中国之旅正式开始。那时候,北京还不是现在这副模样。几年后,确切地说,在2011年,我获得了在厦门的艺术家驻地权。我也可以说,和当时相比,如今的厦门是截然不同的。
征文30 ▏Juan Miguel: Xiamen will always be my city
One would suppose that journeys have a beginning, a definite point of no return from which life inflects and your soles step into unknown paths bestowed with new adventures. Any beginning is arbitrary, choices in a storytelling plot. I, for instance, choose to mark the start of my journey to China one random afternoon at the office where I was working when I got a mail saying that I had been awarded a scholarship to do a master in anthropology at Xiamen University. After that moment, a series of unsuspected events took place, events that I now call my life, my Chinese life, my journey.人们认为,旅行就是一个起点,没有回头路,从这里开始,生活发生改变,你即将踏上未知的旅程,开始全新的冒险。故事情节总是由一次不经意的选择而展开。比如,某天下午我在办公室收到一封邮件,说我获得了攻读厦门大学人类学硕士的奖学金,从那一刻起,意味着我的中国之旅拉开帷幕,意想不到的事情接二连三地发生,这些事情我现在称之为生活,我的中国生活,我的旅程。
征文29 ▏Nic: Coming here was undoubtedly the right decision
I always had a curiosity about living in China since my family is originally from The Guangdong Province, although it was not a priority of mine. My family left China in the early 1900s and only visited periodically so what I knew about the country were really old-fashioned and idealized stories that uncles, aunties and neighbors shared with me during family reunions and mahjong evenings. I studied in Cape Town and before coming to China I spent some time in Canada and Spain where I lead different research projects. My previous boss took up a contract to head up an innovation team in China. He spoke to me previously and I was offered a position to come work here while I was working as a visiting professor at the University of the Basque Country, in Bilbao. I came to visit Xiamen when I was offered the job and was deeply impressed. The city seemed pretty relaxed and laid back and it beat my expectations about a busy Chinese city.在中国生活是怎样的,我一直充满好奇。我的家人来自广东省,但这并不是最重要的。我的家人在上世纪90年代初离开中国,之后偶尔才回国,所以我对中国的了解还停留在过去,而且非常理想化,家庭团聚和打麻将的时候,叔叔、阿姨和邻居才会跟我讲起中国。我在开普敦学习,来中国之前,我曾在加拿大和西班牙度过了一段时间,在那里我主导各种研究项目。我以前的老板签了一份合同,负责领导中国的一支创新团队。我在毕尔巴鄂的巴斯克大学担任客座教授时,他找我谈话,给我一份在厦门的工作机会。所以我就来到了厦门,这里给我留下了深刻的印象。这座城市似乎非常惬意悠闲,与我想象中中国都市繁忙的景象完全不同。
征文28 ▏Mitchel: Fate led me to Xiamen
San Pedro is a small town in The Philippines and the fun fact is: Xiamen is represented by egrets and in San Pedro, our mascot is a chicken. There’s a huge statue of a chicken with an egg under it. When I left San Pedro, I was like the chicken and now I’ve evolved to become an egret.圣佩特罗是菲律宾的一个小镇。有趣的是,厦门以白鹭为代表,而在圣佩德罗,我们的吉祥物是一只鸡。有一座巨大的雕像,是一只鸡,下面有一颗鸡蛋。我离开圣佩德罗时,我就像一只小鸡,现在我已经进化成一只白鹭了。