September 3, 2021

抽奖 ▏Home Away From Home – Prize giveaway 2
Home away from home is a collection of the unique stories written by foreigners in China and compiled by Master Translations Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MTS"), Babel Tower Translation Service Co., Ltd. and Moze (Beijing) Technology Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Moze"), aiming to explore the unique stories of approximately 100 foreign friends who came to China from all over the world.《家外之家》是一本外国人在中国的独特故事集,由外国人撰写,厦门精艺达翻译服务有限公司(以下简称“精艺达”)、巴别塔(深圳)翻译有限公司、墨责(北京)科技传播有限公司(以下简称“墨责”)面向全国共同征集汇编。
2021_征文22 ▏Melody: Some call me “fake foreigner”
I’m French and a Hunanese daughter-in-law! I’ve been attracted to China’s history, cuisine and language since I was a child… But what first made me fall in love with China was the giant pandas. My nickname is actually Panda because I have dark circles under my eyes, just like my dad. Now that I’m a grown-up, he still calls me that! When I was little, my dad showed me pictures of pandas for the first time and I fell in love and wanted to learn more about them.我是法国人,湖南媳妇!我从小就被中国的历史、美食和语言所吸引……但让我爱上中国的首要原因是大熊猫。我的外号就是熊猫,因为我的眼睛下面有黑眼圈,我爸也这么叫我。现在我长大了,他还这么叫我!小时候,爸爸第一次给我看大熊猫的照片,我就爱上了它们,并且想更加深入地了解它们。
2021_征文21 ▏Thara: I almost didn’t make it to China
I love Shaoxing because there’s water and canals everywhere which fascinates me! Everyone always calls Shaoxing the “Venice of China” and I would see why it could be described in that way! The canals and waterways actually inspired me to build my own boat but I elaborate on that later on.我爱绍兴,那里到处都是水和运河,让我着迷!绍兴被誉为“中国的威尼斯”实至名归!运河和水道激发我造船的想法,我稍后会详细说明。
2021_征文20 ▏Luz: My love for translation led me to China
I was a Spanish, English and Chinese translation major in my undergrad years. After 4 years of part-time Chinese learning, I could translate written texts, but could barely utter a few Chinese sentences with the tones all mixed-up… Luckily, the chance to visit China came with a scholarship from the Confucius Institute of the University of Granada, Spain. My classmates and I enjoyed our first China-experience at Beijing University in 2014, and that encouraged me to learn Chinese in Xiamen for 10 months. Then, after a year of work in Spain, I chose to pursue a Master’s Degree in Chinese translation at Xiamen university which led to working at MTS, and here I am! 我本科主修西班牙语、英语和汉语翻译。断断续续学了4年汉语,我可以翻译书面文字,但却说不了几句汉语,声调是混乱的……幸好西班牙格拉纳达大学孔子学院提供奖学金来华游学。2014 年,我和同学来到北京大学,那是我第一次来中国,然后我到厦门学习了 10 个月汉语。接着,在西班牙工作一年后,我选择在厦门大学攻读汉语翻译硕士学位,之后我选择在精艺达工作,也就是我现在工作的地方!
征文19 ▏Andrew: I thought I’d be here for 2 years but…
I believe everyone has their own view of what Los Angeles is known for… Hollywood, Celebrities, Theme Parks, Music, Concerts, Movies, Sports, Beaches, Traffic etc. But for me it’s Family. 我相信每个人对洛杉矶都有自己的印象……好莱坞、名人堂、主题公园、音乐、音乐会、电影、体育、海滩、交通等。但对我来说,这是我的家。