征文4 ▏Zuzana: Social Worker, The Hero of Xiamen Expats

家外之家 2021
征文4 ▏Zuzana: Social Worker, The Hero of Xiamen Expats


Name : Zuzana Pavloňová
Country of Origin : The Czech Republic
Occupation : translator/interpreter/social worker
Years in China : 8 years


How did your journey in China begin?

I was studying Chinese for my bachelor’s degree, so it seemed like a good idea to come to China and improve my language a bit. My first year in Shanghai was amazing! Coming from a small village of 700 hundred inhabitants, it was like discovering a completely new world. I studied a Chinese language course at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, met great people from around the world, traveled in South-East Asian countries… It was a dream year. After going back to Czech and finishing my bachelors, I got a scholarship for a Master’s degree at Xiamen University. I’d never been to Xiamen before but my friend recommended it as a “good place with world-class uni” so I came and I never left!

Zuzana giving a lecture about life in Xiamen

What do you like most about your city and China as a whole?

Xiamen has this very chill, yet energetic vibe, with inspiring people and loads of opportunities. It is small enough to know your neighborhood (and neighbors), but still big enough to always explore new places, coffee shops, mountain paths and more!!! Local (Xiamenese) people are very welcoming and laid-back. My favorite thing about Xiamen is that it has preserved its history quite well. One turn through a random small alley and you will find hidden architectural gems, and restaurants that have been going on for 50 years.
厦门有着放松但充满活力的氛围,人们都积极乐观,工作机会也很多。厦门不大不小,既可以和街坊邻里变得亲近,也可以到一些新的地方逛逛,比如咖啡店,山间步道等等!当地人(厦门人)好客且豁达。我最喜欢厦门的是它保存完好的历史,随便穿过一条小巷,你会发现隐藏多年的珍贵建筑,以及已经有着 50 年历史的老牌餐馆。

Zuzana works at the Xiamen Bo’ai Service Center and One World Project that supports the international community in Xiamen

What fascinated you the most about living in China?

It’s probably the speed of life. Everything is done within days, hours even. As Chinese people say, nothing is impossible, your imagination is the limit.

Some background on her hometown:

Zuzana’s hometown, Křtiny, is a small village, but it has the Church of the Name of the Virgin Mary. This Roman Catholic church is an important pilgrimage destination in Moravia and one of the most celebrated shrines in Central Europe.


The church was designed by the famous architect Jan Santini Aichel and it was one of the last he commissioned. It is an iconic masterpiece of so-called radical Baroque of Bohemia and Moravia.
这座教堂由著名建筑师Jan Santini Aichel设计而成,也是他委托建造的最后几座教堂之一。该教堂是波希米亚和摩拉维亚激进巴洛克风格的标志性杰作。

作者:潘淑娜 翻译:邓忠悦


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